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Welcome to EXPGatherers

Streaming / Community

Our community all based on Streaming, We do look for people who willing join Team by doing. 

Charities Stream (ExtraLife), Bring us some Awesome clips, Helping each other GROW! and many more.

We do more stuff without streaming community, we do EXPGRadio, We have our own EXPGRadio Minecraft Server and many more.

Preview our Team

This is Preview all our Team of EXPGatherers, We are classify Streamers and God community to help Each others out like Sea of Thieves. we love help you on Sea of thieves push you out for Pirate legend, Get Rank on CSGO, Call of duty BO3/4, Battlefield 1/4/3/5 and many more games to come.

About US!


Community of Team

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SoTD Leadpunk

Member/EXPG Streamer


EXPG MOD / EXPG Streamer


EXPG Streamer / Member


EXPG Streamer / Member


EXPG Editor / Member / EXPG Streamer






EXPG Member / EXPG Streamer


EXPG Member / EXPG Streamer / JR-Manager / Recruitment

Coming SOON

Looking for someone

Coming SOON

Looking for someone

Coming SOON

Looking for someone

Coming SOON

Looking for someone

Coming SOON

Looking for someone

Coming SOON

Looking for someone


$ 1 per month
  • Given a special role for Donators in the EXPGRadio Discord

  • EXPGatherers Discord


$ 5 per month
  • Supporting community!
  • Beta of EXPGRadio BOT, with Limited hosting.
  • Access to our Beta Website.
  • Access to our BETA Windows APP!
  • Plus all previous rewards


$ 10 per month
  • Supporting community!
  • Help us funding to our Stream Website
  • Access to Beta Testing Commands from our BOT
  • giving out access to our Beta Music BOT
  • Plus all previous rewards


$ 25 per month
  • Supporting community!
  • you can access to Live Chat Channel for Relay
  • Access to BETA Website Dashboard
  • Access to Advertising Channel. you can ad your Discord and more. no virus links or any harm short url links.
  • Plus all previous rewards


Our Timeline we did on Community (Updates Weekly)

Starter of community

We started Community 2015 and We been working on Branding, Setup Clan tags and many more.

This mostly starter of Community we setup

Released EXPGRadio(13/8/2018)

First time we Setup EXPGRadio Official to EXPGatherers and we Planning to Move on to Radio.

We play royalty free Music and Will be royality Free.

If your song on there and used be part of royality free, then Please contact US if have Licensed on Song so We can Remove it on Radio.

This Radio Not Legal or any Actions taken, all music coming from NCS and othe rMusic are Royalty FREE. but We will get PRS and PPL later day to Afforet put Monstercat Music just for you Play and Gaming.

All donations can take place HERE Help US Raise for PRS and PPL

EXPGRadio Minecraft Server(26/11/2018)

We have now Funding for our own EXPGRadio Minecraft Server, This Server is survival 1.13 - 1.13.2 and has cool stuff like Automated Fernices, Hoppers, Despensors, and more using EPIC Plugins and We have YouTube Bridge Plugin if anyone hitted thy Channel Goal and if our system checks then You can get YouTuber Role from IT

Any Abuse on YouTube or anything your channel be Blacklisted so we will Review Your channel make sure its Clean and Friendly much as you can

Other that we have few custom Plugins too. like GameStats, EXPGRadio and more.

More To come

More To come

More To come

More To come

Our Progress of Community

This what people feel with EXPGatherers

This what People thinking and what thy common say's

Nothign Personal or anything Bad of Community. just when thy seen community and We try Ads it much as we can give out good Community Skills. that People like HMM what is EXPG but this people think of it.

Confused about Community


Knows Community Well


How many Members have


Streamers we Have


YouTubers we Have


Platforms we Stream for YOU!

This Platforms EXPGatherers Is Streaming on

Twitch Channel
Mixer/Beam Channel