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This platforms we Normaly Restream for You

Twitch - Twitch is more Common Platform for your taste,
Twitch was main goal to get us up to Partner over Twitch For Us get a Team Setup

But Requirements are Very dictlus to Go for and we been doign them Grindings get to it.

We all know why Game set to Sea of Thieves but Game thy Playing is COD BO4,
For That Reason is Our Team / Staff are bit slow Updating Game and thats why causing Wrong Game Selection.

Mixer - Mixer been runned by Microsoft and Mixer used be called BEAM.PRO back in 2015

Beam / Mixer was Good platform From Starters and till Microsoft / Xbox Owns Platform then

everythign so BIG for Xbox Users. but Many Reason's why Mixer better platform is 

thy using FTL = Faster and Lighter encorder, its more like 3 Seconds dalay and Fast response

So we normaly we Restream FTL For Streamers on Xbox / Thy Channels direct EXPGatherers

Dlive - Dlive is Platform used be Running STEEM Crypto ERC-20 Back in 2012.

Then thy moved away from STEEM Crypto in 2018 and moved to Lino Crypto.

Lino Crypto is Lemons own Crypto system. its mostly Private Network with Own system.

And since Thy moved away that you can earn Lemons / Lino by Collecting 3 Chest every 1 day by chat / Watching streamers.

But i highly i would say come alone and Check it out since new platform Murged system.

YouTube - YouTube is Platform Started in 2012 and Channel over youtube like Pwdiepie and more grow massivly round Platform.

For our channel We just started in 2017 and Platform never ever got round community so much.

Youtube good goal for US get Good Community and Keep our VODS / Clips Round EXPG Channel.

All Help over EXPG Named --> (ShadowMarco) <--
Him helped Us Released our Best Trailer and short video since we didnt had enough clips.

This why we would love get EXPGatherers Stream clips push out 2019 Trailer Tonight.

We havent got enough Details Yet but there be more Adding here later days since we are new on YT